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Dental implants are the best option in dentistry for replacing lost teeth. They offer stability, strength, and natural looks. They behave virtually as if the patient had never lost his teeth in the first place. In addition, dental implants can form the basis of more complex dental procedures, such as All-on-4s, where they serve as a base for bridges that support several crowns, etc.

There is only one disadvantage of dental implants: they are expensive and, for many people, unaffordable. However, by going to Los Algodones, Mexico, just 5 minutes south the border from Yuma, Arizona, American patients are able to get dental implants for less than half of the price they would typically pay in the US without any loss in quality. But how do Mexican dentists and clinics manage to use dental implant at a lower price?

First of all, dentists in Mexico don’t have to order expensive and unnecessary tests, such as comprehensive X-rays of the full mouth even when only one tooth is the problem. American dentists order these tests just to protect themselves from lawsuits, not because they are needed. Furthermore, because Mexico isn’t lawsuit-happy like the United States, dentists spend much less money on lawsuit insurance (which is also cheaper because there is less demand for it).

Another reason is that the Mexican government regulates medications and dental materials to a certain degree, while at the same time allowing their imports. This tends to make them cheaper, as opposed to the United States, where imports are extremely limited and the captive demand drives prices up.

Furthermore, Mexican dentists are not saddled with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in college debt. They either go to public schools, where education is basically free, or they go to private schools, IF they know they can afford it. That means that they are debt free the moment they get out of university and aren’t leaning on you to pay for their education.

Finally, dental clinics in Mexico do not need to be staffed as extensively as in the United States. Dentists in Mexico spend as long as they need to with you, and they are never in a rush. They do most of the work themselves, so an assistant or hygienist who may double as the receptionist is the only staffing they’ll need. Sometimes, a receptionist is shared with other dentists.

Nevertheless, lower prices do not mean a reduction in service. Dentists in Los Algodones are professionals, went through several years of dental schools and have experience in their fields and training in their specialty. Moreover, they will speak to you in fluent English, allowing you to express your needs and concerns freely. This is why Los Algodones continues to be one of the most favored dental tourism destinations in Mexico.

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