What Makes it Worthwhile to Travel to Los Algodones, Mexico for Dental Care?

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If you are looking for affordable dental care, especially if you are underinsured or uninsured, you might want to consider going to Los Algodones, Mexico. It’s a town just across the border from Yuma, Arizona, that specializes in dental procedures aimed at American (and other foreign) tourists. It offers many top-notch dental clinics, service in English, and the most modern dental equipment and materials, at prices lower than in the United States.

Still, a trip to another country involves time and expense. There is no point in traveling to another country if the expenses are going to be greater than the savings. So, in what cases is the trip advisable?

If you live in Southern Arizona, the trip is worth it for pretty much every procedure. Los Algodones is close enough that it’s always a good idea to go there for dental care including cleaning and regular checkups.

If you need an extremely complex procedure, then you’re also going to benefit from traveling to Los Algodones. People who have lost many or all of their teeth may need a full-mouth reconstruction, also known as full-mouth restoration. This procedure involves a highly customized set of procedures tailored to the needs of each patient. It is extremely expensive in the United States and for many people, Los Algodones is the absolute best alternative they have.

Similarly, if you need an All-on-4, All-on-6, or All-on-8 dental implant solution, Los Algodones is also the best choice. These procedures are expensive. Many Americans can’t afford a single dental implant in the United States, much less a complex procedure that involves at least four of them. Note that dental implants, and any procedure that’s based on implants, typically require two trips separated by a few months. Even so, it’s still cheaper to go to Los Algodones to get them than to get them in the United States. Even if you need only one or two dental implants, you’ll still save money going to Los Algodones.

Finally, there are some procedures in which your personal circumstances may decide whether or not getting them at Los Algodones is a good idea. Your time, the distance to Mexico, your dental insurance (or lack of it), and other factors will play a part in deciding to make the trip or not. However, remember that you can always plan your trip so that you get more than one procedure to make the trip worth it; for example, teeth whitening and dental veneers.

There are lots of people from north of the border that make Los Algodones an annual stop, particularly snowbirds that travel south for the winter and other retirees who enjoy travel and families with children who need regular dental care. If any of these circumstances describe yours, we can help connect you with the best dentist for your needs.

If you are interested in seeing a dentist in Los Algodones, please fill out the “Help me Find a Dentist” form. A participating dental specialist will reply to your needs.

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