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Mexico Offers Teeth Whitening Services

It’s not a secret that dental care and procedures are getting more and more expensive in the United States. For many people who are uninsured, or don’t have dental insurance, dental care is just too expensive.

Even for people who have dental insurance, some procedures are not covered. Teeth whitening is one such procedure that is generally not covered by insurance. Because insurance companies consider it a cosmetic or optional procedure, it is seldom covered.

Fortunately, Mexico offers teeth whitening services for a fraction of the price that you would pay in the United States. In Los Algodones, Mexico, just 10 miles west of Yuma, Arizona across the border, dental tourists can find a range of highly qualified dentists that are fully bilingual, and that can offer you the same level of quality you’re used to finding in the United States. Before getting an appointment for teeth whitening, it’s important to understand what the procedure involves.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

The best teeth whitening procedure is the one that you don’t need in the first place. If you learn why teeth become yellow, then you can prevent the problem from arising. The main contributors for yellow teeth are:
• Black Tea. This beverage is the main contributor to yellow teeth.
• Smoking. It’s no secret that people who smoke get yellow teeth.
• Sodas. Pop beverages are terrible for your teeth on many accounts, and this is just one of the least damaging ones. Colas in specific are the worst.
• Energy drinks. Just like sodas, energy drinks are filled with chemicals and artificial coloring that affect the enamel.
• Candy. In addition to the sugar, which causes cavities, candy has artificial coloring, just like the items above.
• Wine. Both red and white wine cause teeth staining.

The Procedure

Before the procedure, a dentist should evaluate the state of the teeth and the soft tissue around them. In some cases, a basic health exam in conducted, especially if there’s any suspicion of allergies. If there has been any reconstruction work, this will be examined as well. X-rays will be taken if the doctor thinks there might be internal damage to the teeth.

The procedure involves the dentist covering the gums in order to protect them from burns that might be caused by the bleaching agent. Then, this agent is applied to the teeth. The bleaching agent used is typically hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which breaks down to hydrogen peroxide.

Depending on how yellow the teeth are, and the desired effect, the dentist might take more than one session to complete the procedure. Also, very often the dentist will prohibit or limit certain foods and substances to avoid future staining, especially the ones mentioned above.

Psychological Benefits

The main benefit of teeth whitening is the improvement of self-esteem. A patient who has had his or her teeth whitened is much less self-conscious when smiling, laughing or talking. So, teeth whitening is particularly beneficial to people with professions that require them to speak in public, like teachers, lawyers, performers, models and more.

Mexico Dental Team

Once you are ready to get your teeth whitened, Los Algodones Dental Guide is the best place to connect with a reputable and competent dentist in Mexico. A simple phone call with the right dentist in Los Algodones will answer your questions so you can start you down the road to whiter teeth.

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