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Nonaka Dental Lab

As a patient traveling from 50 miles or 2000 miles away, you want your dental care to be the best. What many dentists don’t talk about is their dental lab.

Some large dental centers have their own dental labs to ensure quality and timely delivery. But many small and mid-sized dental clinics rely on dental labs to provide them with their crowns, bridges, veneers, implants dentures and more.

As a dental patient in Los Algodones, it’s important that you understand the options that are available to you.

While there are over 250 dental clinics in Los Algodones, there are only a handful of high quality dental labs in the area. At the top of this list of dental labs is the world-class Nonaka Dental Lab, owned and managed by recognized dental technician Jose Nonaka.

What makes Nonaka Dental Lab so great?

Nonaka Dental LabIt’s simple. At Nonaka Dental Labs, you get Japanese quality at Mexican prices…the perfect combination of detailed dental artistry for truly natural looking teeth at incredible value prices.

The dental laboratory that your dentist chooses says volumes about their practice. Dental clinics that charge the lowest prices often use low-priced dental labs with questionable quality.

We all know that quality is never cheap, so it makes sense to find the best value for your money. Since the quality of various dental labs runs the gamut from absolutely fantastic to absolutely awful, you need to make sure that your dental clinic uses a high quality dental lab to deliver the best possible work that you would expect in the US and Canada.

For patients that want the best possible dental crowns, implants and veneers, it is imperative to find a cosmetic dentist who works with a top-of-the-line laboratory, like Nonaka Dental Lab. Nonaka has locations in Tijuana and Los Algodones to provide same and next day work for most cases. The location of Nonaka Dental Lab, across the street from Rubio Dental and Cordova Dental, makes it convenient for any dental clinic in Los Algodones to have access to the best dental lab in the area.

Why is it better to have a dental lab located in Los Algodones?

Nonaka Dental LabMany patients that want custom-made veneers and crowns will need to visit the dental lab at least once or twice during the dental process to ensure that everything is being made to ensure a custom fit. Having a dental lab located in Los Algodones makes life easier on patients and ensures the best possible custom fit. Using Nonaka Dental Lab in Los Algodones also ensures patients that their dentist is committed to the best quality materials and quality craftsmanship.

Top-grade dental lab work is almost never the least expensive option, and it’s never recommended to choose a dentist or a dental lab based on the lowest prices.
Jose Nonaka, President of Nonaka Dental Lab offers the following advice:

“Your teeth are a critical part of your overall health. Dentists and dental lab fees are often seventy to eighty percent less expensive in Los Algodones when compared to the United States and Canada. Why risk your health to save an extra three to five percent? Instead, choose the best value by seeking a dental clinic that uses the best materials and a trusted, recognized reputable dental lab. Of course, we recommend Nonaka Dental Lab, because we know the high level of quality and care that we put into every piece. But whichever dentist or dental you choose, make sure that they are working with a dental lab that only uses the finest materials. Remember, it’s not a good deal if the fit and function are not correct,”

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