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Dr Fernando Dominguez – Odontology Doctor, Los Algodones Odontologist

Dr. Dominguez studied odontology in Mexicali, and he then specialized in endodontics in Ciudad Juarez. However, his belief in constant improvement has driven him to attend several dental and health congresses in Monterrey, the second biggest city in Mexico. In addition, he is designing a training program to prepare the next generation of odontologists.

When Dr. Dominguez was studying, he noticed that all the endodontic projects counted a lot towards the final grade and he liked the challenge. Once he started to see the benefits of endodontics, and how it helped prevent tooth loss, he decided to specialize in this area.

In addition to endodontic procedures, Dr. Dominguez performs implants, crowns, and laser surgery. He is unique because of the quality of his service and the relaxing ambiance of his clinic. This atmosphere is achieved by creating an attractive, calming and comfortable clinic and planting and maintaining beautiful internal gardens.

Fernando Dominguez - Endodontists in Los Algodones, MexicoDr. Dominguez doesn’t have arrangements with travel services, but he has a valid reason. He states that he wants to give patients the best experience possible and doesn’t want to risk it by working with third parties that he can’t control. In his own words, “If something goes wrong, you can’t tell a patient, ‘It wasn’t my fault.’”

Dr. Dominguez also likes the human and personal aspects of his job. One day, he remarked to one of his patients that he was wearing golf shoes (Dr. Dominguez is a golf aficionado). It turned out that he was a professional golfer for a golf course in Ohio. The conversation ended with them becoming friends and the patient inviting Dr. Dominguez to Ohio for a game.

In his private life, Dr. Dominguez likes to spend time with his four young children. He also likes to ride his Raptor pick up in the desert on weekends, and of course, to play golf.

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