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Not so many years ago, children were afraid of the dentist. A visit to the dentist might mean pain and the sound of the drill. Parents sometimes had to bribe or threaten children into going to the dentist.

Things are different today. Dentistry has advanced to the point that painkillers are so effective children barely feel any pain when they have a procedure done. Moreover, in today’s world, photos and likes on Facebook are much more important than math and spelling. Children and teenagers are highly motivated to take “selfies” and impress their friends online with their awesome good looks and that requires a perfect smile with straight, white teeth.

So, fear of visiting the dentist is gone, right?

Well, not exactly. Actually, now it’s the parents who are afraid when children go to the dentist. With many Americans having little or no dental coverage and the prices of dental procedures ever rising, parents today fear the cost of dental care more than paying their landlords. What if their child needs braces or his or her wisdom teeth pulled? It’s children who have to force parents to take them to the dentist now.

If you are afraid of the dentist, here are some tips that might help:

  • Crooked teeth? No problem. Just teach your child to be serious and to stop smiling. Smiling is overrated.
  • Avoid cavities by telling your children that tooth brushing is important basic training to become a Pokemon herder, or whatever Japanese cartoon is insanely popular at the moment.
  • Encourage your children to ask Santa for dental care instead of presents. This could reduce the cost of those twice-annual dental visits to once a year.
  • Tell your kids that they can have a good education or good teeth, but not both.
  • If they really insist that they need dental care, take them to a dentist that lives in a cottage in the forest, and leave them there. (And don’t let them leave a trail of breadcrumbs like last time.)
  • Take them to an affordable dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico.
    (No, I mean REALLY take them to Mexico.)

Seriously, quality dental care in Mexico, especially in Los Algodones, Mexico has made it possible for thousands of families from the U.S. with children to have the care they need and deserve at prices they can afford.

The best modern dentistry is available just on the other side of the border delivered by highly trained dentists using the most advanced equipment and procedures, and all in English. So you can relax. Dental care doesn’t need to be a nightmare for anyone anymore.

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