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Jaqueline Mendivil Ayala, Baja Dental Clinic, Los Algodones Dental Clinics

Jaqueline Mendivil Ayala is the co-founder of Baja Dental Clinic. She created the company with her husband Jose Cochran in 2005 to offer excellent dental services to local and international patients.

Jaqueline is a self-made businesswoman with vision and knowledge of business and marketing. It was her decision to make crowns the specialty of the clinic, due to the demand for this type of restoration.

Baja Dental is also known for implants, root canal treatments provided by a specialist, dental cleaning, dental surgery, and orthodontics (treatment of misaligned teeth).

Being a businesswoman, Jaqueline Mendivil understands the importance of customer service. The moment a patient comes into the clinic, the staff welcomes him or her with water, sodas, and massage seats. She also has devised a simple, but effective, marketing strategy for attracting international patients: free tests and x-rays!

Baja Dental also offers free local transportation for international patients. However, their most ambitious plan for international patients is still a couple of months away: free accommodations at a house provided by the clinic.

While not a dentist herself, Jaqueline is sensitive to the emotions and needs of patients in her clinic. “Sometimes I see patients that come with terrible dental problems or bad experiences with other dentists. They can’t even smile because of how bad their self-esteem is. I’ve seen them cry both in sadness or despair before the treatment and in joy after the treatment. This is priceless for us and makes every effort and sacrifice we make worthwhile,” Jaqueline tells us.

She believes that repeat business is the best publicity. Her aim is for the patients of the clinic to come back when they have another dental need. She accomplishes this by training dentists to recommend only treatments that are really needed and by keeping prices reasonable. So far, it’s a formula that has worked.

Jaqueline is married and has two children. One of them is 21 and studying dentistry. Jaqueline’s dream is for her daughter to graduate, come to work at the clinic and eventually run it with her and become her successor. Her dream is very plausible since they have other relatives working at the clinic. For example, her nephew, Dr. Juan Cochran is one of the dentists at the clinic.

Like any businessperson, Jaqueline invests a lot of her personal time in the clinic, even running errands for it in her free time on a regular basis. When she does have some free time of her own, she likes to go out dining with her family and traveling locally on weekends.

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