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Mexico has been growing in popularity as an affordable dental care destination. For many dental tourists from the USA and Canada seeking cosmetic dentistry in Mexico, the area of Los Algodones is a favorite spot for high quality, low-cost dental care. Many dental patients are increasingly seeking dental veneers to achieve a flawless smile. Veneers are sometimes applied as an “extra” while having another procedure, such as reconstructing a tooth that has been damaged. Other patients get veneers for purely cosmetic reasons.

What Are Veneers?

A veneer is a layer of tooth-like material used on the surface of a tooth to improve its appearance. Its purpose is to reconstruct the tooth after damage, or simply to improve its looks. When veneers are used for aesthetic purposes, it’s common to use them on several teeth in order to make the smile look uniform. Veneers can significantly improve the appearance of a smile by covering teeth that are too small, too short due to wear, stained, aged, misaligned or where black “triangles” appear at the top of teeth due to gum recession. Veneers can give your smile a fresh appearance with dazzling white teeth.

What are the Types of Veneers?

There are two types of veneers and the primary difference between them is in the material they are made of.

The first type is “composite veneers.” These are made from dental composite, which is a synthetic resin. Composite veneers have the advantage that they can be molded and placed on top of the mouth by the dentist. The primary advantage of composite veneers is that teeth can have a permanent covering immediately after a procedure, and typically the patient doesn’t have to wait for the veneer to be custom-made elsewhere. There are exceptions however. In some cases a composite veneer will be made elsewhere (usually in a laboratory) and then glued to the tooth.

The second type is “dental porcelain veneers.” These veneers are made of a type of porcelain that’s specifically created for dental use. Unlike a composite veneer, a dental porcelain veneer will always have to be made in a laboratory, a process that may take from a few days to two weeks. These veneers are then glued to the teeth during a return visit. Dental porcelain veneers have the advantage that they are more durable and look more natural than composite veneers. In cosmetic dentistry, they’re almost always the ones that are preferred, but they’re more expensive than composite veneers.

Price of Veneers

Veneers, and especially dental porcelain veneers, can be quite expensive. The main factor in pricing is the number of veneers that will be used. Therefore, a patient who’s considering veneers in order to improve the looks of his or her smile should be prepared with cost information because several veneers are typically used in order to make the smile consistent.

In addition, like most medical and dental procedures, your location can greatly increase the price. In San Francisco and New York City, a whole treatment of veneers can cost $20,000 to $30,000 dollars or more.

Mexico Dental Team

That’s why many consider cosmetic dentistry in Mexico to receive affordable prices without sacrificing the high quality treatment you get back at home. The Los Algodones Medical Guide offers you a wide variety of fully bilingual dentists who are experienced with cosmetic dentistry procedures including dental veneers. Contact any of the listed dentists for a cost estimate for your new smile.

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