Fishing Charters

Costa Rica is widely known for its year-round sport fishing. There are always great catches available in the local waters.  Your safety and fishing experience is our top priority. We are determined to ensure you have, both the best and the safest, fishing excursion possible. Our local fishing crews are well trained and have extensive experience of the local fishing waters.

We represent several boats and crews which gives us the ability to select a crew that will give you the best opportunity to catch a wide array of different fish species throughout the year. It also allows us to bid out their services for our guests. This ensures that not only you get a great price for your group but the proper charter based on what you are wanting to catch.

We listen closely to your needs and we provide your group an all-inclusive service to world renowned fishing. We will handle any additional accommodations and transportation you might need for your Fishing Safari.

We can provide you with safari packages from 4 to 12 hours charters but will be determined based on what you are looking to catch. The boat sizes range from 27-37 feet in length and go out about 20 miles and beyond and then start trolling north or south depending on where the fish are biting.

The Captain will be targeting mahi, yellowfin and black fin tuna, wahoo, sailfish and the occasional marlin. A cooler with ice, beverages and sandwiches are provided for you. You can bring your own beer should you desire.

For more information on this tour or other attractions, please call us directly at 321.266.2714.