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Dr Marta Alicia León, León Dental Clinic, Los Algodones Dental Clinics

Dr. León studied at the Baja California University. After finishing her dental studies, she specialized in implants and crowns.
She specialized in these procedures because there’s a great need for them and she saw she would be able to help more people.

In addition, she offers orthodontics (alignment of crooked teeth), rehabilitation and bone grafting surgery.

Dr. León’s service is unique because she includes all aspects of the treatment in her warranty. For example, the warranty includes even laboratory expenses, which are typically not included. She does this because she cares about achieving 100% satisfaction for all of her clients.

From experience, Dr. León knows that many of her patients come from the United States and even Canada. Her clinic gives free transportation from and to the Mexican border. If the price of the treatment is over $1,000 USD, the clinic also offers free accommodations.

As it does for many in the healing professions, Dr. Leon’s personal satisfaction comes as a result of working with her patients. She tells us about patients with low self-esteem who cry with relief after being treated. She says her work is rewarding because she doesn’t only fix the problems with their mouth, but also their perception about themselves.

Dr. León wants patients to know that everybody at her clinic works hard, but they love what they do and they are happy working together as a team. Dr. León is married to someone she met through dentistry. They have been married for 5 years now and have a lovely little girl. They are both hard working and like so many working couples, they sometimes find it difficult to spend time together, but that only means that they make the most of every minute when they can.

On special occasions, like their anniversary, her mother takes care of their daughter so that she and her husband can have a well-deserved break. Like many Mexicans, she chooses to spend her free time with her family, watching TV, dining at the local buffet, and going shopping.

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