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Dr. Josefina Martinez – Endodontics, Los Algodones Endodontists

Dr. Josefina Martinez is a dental surgeon in Los Algodones with a degree from the prestigious UNAM in Mexico City. She went on to specialize in endodontics and dental implants, because she saw that the people of Poblado, a town where she was working, truly needed these services. She also offers cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Martinez can treat any endodontic problem. Her prices include the rehabilitation (repair of the upper part of the tooth after root-canal treatment, typically with a crown). Dr. Josefina considers her services to be highly technical and high quality. But the most important part of her work is the way a smile can lift a person’s self-esteem.

“Once, a patient came to my office. He hadn’t been able to chew well for over 40 years. As I was treating him, I realized that I was making a difference not only in the functionality of his mouth, but also allowing him to fully smile! This made him feel more confident and better about himself. At the end of the treatment, he was very grateful and happy.”


Endodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with the pulp inside teeth.

While not all of her patients are dealing with such debilitating conditions, Dr. Martinez believes that dental problems can take a negative toll on a person’s quality of life. She wants potential patients to know that there is always a solution. She and her clinic have all the skills and tools they need to find that solution and implement it. That’s why her patients trust her, return for future treatment and refer friends and family members.

Dr. Martinez is proud to have her son –Dr. Luis Javier Solis– as her partner at Solis Dental in Los Algodones. A strong believer in education, Dr. Martinez sent him abroad to study a dental specialty. She expects him to be a great addition to the clinic. She also has another son and daughter, and she loves to spend time with them. In her free time, she listens to music and surfs the Internet.

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