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Dr. Hector Beltran Vazquez, Dental Venus Clinic, Los Algodones Dental Clinics

Dr. Hector Beltran Vazquez is an owner of the Dental Venus clinic in Los Algodones, one of the most renowned clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico. (Los Algodones is just a couple of blocks south of the border, so close that you can walk there from the United States, although they gladly offer transportation from the border if patients want or need it.)

Dr. Beltran has received formal training in Mexicali, the United States and Europe. He first went to medical school, but he switched to dentistry because he found it was a field that allowed him to be creative, artistic and skillful. He went on to specialize in dental implants, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Beltran comes from La Paz at the far south end of the Baja peninsula. He moved to Los Algodones because it was a better place to develop a career and to get access to a better education. He started from the bottom, working as an assistant to a dentist, then as a dentist and then as one of the owners of the Dental Venus clinic. His reputation and history is well known within the dental community, no doubt why a group of dentists invited him to be part of Dental Venus in 2014.

Thanks to Dr. Beltran’s involvement, Dental Venus offers several complex dental services including dental implants, grafts, and a wide variety of periodontic and endodontic procedures.

Dr. Beltran strongly believes in having passion for your work, and he and his team get enjoyment from working in a field they love, rather than for the money. That’s why they offer a high standard of quality in everything they do.

Dr. Beltran cares about his patients on a deep level. He fondly recalls the time he helped a patient who had had dentures for 20 years and could not even remember what it felt like to have teeth. He was thrilled to help this person recover his smile and his confidence. He also tells us about a girl who had two veneers just two days before her marriage, and how happy she was to look her best for her special day.

In addition to his training, expertise, and caring, Dr. Beltran is also known for his ethics. He would never recommend treatments that patients don’t need…even if the patients themselves ask for them. That’s why his past patients and those who know his work understand that Dr. Beltran’s patients are always in good hands.

In his free time, Dr. Beltran enjoys the natural beauty of Baja, and he often visits the desert and the beach.

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