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Dr. Erick Escobedo studied dentistry at the University of Baja California. He then specialized in crowns and aesthetic dentistry. He also offers cleanings, fillings, root canal treatments and general endodontic procedures.

Dr. Escobedo believes in honesty and the Golden Rule: “treat others like you want to be treated.” He has seen that some clinics recommend procedures that patients don’t need just to charge more.

That’s why he recommends only procedures that are really necessary.

He’s also willing to sit and thoroughly answer all the questions that a patient may have about a procedure and get the patients full approval before performing it. “That’s the way I’d like to be treated,” he says.

He admits that he is not the cheapest and he doesn’t offer deals or discounts. “I believe in offering quality over the lowest price, and that’s why I give a 3-year warranty on all the procedures I perform,” says Dr. Escobedo.
His clinic gets new patients all the time through word of mouth and they clearly feel that the results they get are worth the money. Still, the prices at Escobedo Dental are much lower than the prices for the same procedures in the USA.

Dr. Escobedo shared his most successful story with us. Back in 2004, he gave 24 implants to a patient, who was very happy about them. A year after, the patient had plastic surgery and new hair. He sent a picture back to Dr. Escobedo, who couldn’t believe he was looking at the same man. Not only did he look much better, Dr. Escobedo knew he also felt much better about himself.

Years of experience have allowed Dr. Escobedo to put himself in the place of his patients.

“Patients will always remember two things: if it hurt and how much time they spend in the chair.”

In addition to using the latest techniques, medications, and materials in order to reduce or eliminate pain, he works fast and carefully schedules his patients’ appointments. This reduces both the number of appointments and the time the patient spends on each appointment. It also eliminates one annoyance that many patients have in other clinics: arriving on time for their appointment and having to wait because the dentist hasn’t finished working with the previous patient.

Dr. Escobedo also understands that patients worry about being hurt in their pocket. He takes time to sit with the patient and analyze the diagnosis, the plan and schedule, and the patient’s budget so that he and the patient can agree on a plan that’s financially safe for the patient.

Dr. Escobedo is married to another dentist. His wife Jazmin is his partner at the clinic and each one takes care of their patients separately. They have three lovely children, Fernanda, Erick and Valentina. He makes a point of having dinner together with his family every night (except in cases of emergencies) and he loves spending time with his family at home. On weekends, he goes to the dunes with his family on his Desert Racer.

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