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Dr Danilo Gaspar, Simply Dental Clinic, Los Algodones Dental Clinics

Dr. Gaspar, owner of Simply Dental in Los Algodones, started an international business program many years ago, but soon left it for his passion: odontology (the scientific study of the structure and diseases of teeth), a field that allowed him to satisfy his love for science and let him work with his hands.

He likes manual challenges and delivering work that also meets his excellent standards.

Like many dentists, he has specialized in implants, through various courses taken at Loma Linda University and with mentor dentist Dr. Jaime Lozada at Maxi Implants. Dr. Gaspar went into this specialty because he saw a great need and demand for it.

Simply Dental Clinic Services

Of course, that doesn’t mean that implants are the only procedures that Dr. Gaspar offers at Simply Dental. He also offers metal-free crowns, porcelain crowns, restorations, cosmetic partial-denture inlays, root canals, periodontics and treatment of gum disease.

What makes Dr. Gaspar’s offer unique is that he actually went to school in Arizona when he was a child. That means that he can offer truly 100% bilingual service. He is also very fast at what he does, and American patients are happy with the way he treats them. In fact, he offers a discount for implants (from $650 to $800 dollars) to international and American patients. In addition, his clinic offers transportation and a special discount at the Oak Tree Hotel.

Dr. Gaspar believes in building a practice based on trust and long term relationships. That is why he has developed true friendships with several of his patients.

Dr. Gaspar’s success is allowing him to open a second clinic, which will have two chairs and a new image. The name will be ConfiDent Smile Studio in Los Algodones, and unlike his current clinic, this one will be marketed to a younger audience (25 to 35) that will come from Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Gaspar just got married and, like many young rising professionals, children are not in the short-term plans but they will definitely arrive. In the meantime, he enjoys dining out and discovering interesting cuisine with his wife, a Mexicali Attorney. Like many Mexicans, he loves soccer and follows European teams in particular. He also goes to the gym and is planning to attend the Coachella’s Festival, an event that he never misses.

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