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Dr. Carlos Rubio and Rubio Dental are recognized names in the Los Algodones Dental community.

When Dr. Rubio founded Rubio Dental, he wanted to focus on continuous education for all of his dentists and staff. This idea is what makes Rubio Dental different from many other dental clinics.
Dr. Rubio completed his dentistry studies at Loma Linda University, but has never stopped educating himself. Since then, Dr. Rubio has completed many additional dentistry programs.

Academic Training

  • Dental training at the University of San Antonio, Texas
  • Implantology dentistry training at Brookdale Hospital, New York
  • Diploma from the Autonomous University of Baja California
  • Specialized courses at the Misch Institute
  • Advanced Diploma of Surgery from the South Carolina University
  • Course Management in soft tissue from the M.A.P. Florida Institute
  • Course Anatomy of the Head and Neck from the Medical College of Georgia
  • Master’s Degree of Laser Dentistry from the Institute of Technology, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mex.

Memberships and Leadership

  • President of the Dental College of Los Algodones, Baja California
  • Member of the Mexican Dental Association
  • Member of the American Academy of Dental Implantology, USA
  • Fellow at the International College of Oral Implantology
  • Visiting Graduate Master of Periodontics in the Field of Implantology at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez.

Dr. Rubio’s area of specialization is dental implants. Although his education allows him to offer a wide array of services, including crowns, veneers, partials, bridges, fillings, laser technology and others. In addition, his clinic has its own laboratory that’s specialized in using zirconia, one of the strongest, most advanced materials for manufacturing dental crowns.

Dr. Rubio is opposed to experimenting with his patients. He performs his procedures by the book, the way they’re supposed to be done. This guarantees results and his patients recognize how impeccable and thorough he is. That’s why they come back.

Dr. Rubio doesn’t believe in discounts. He encourages patients to look at the quality of the service offered by different dental clinics and, most importantly, to compare the results. He is confident that patients seeking the best quality will choose Rubio Dental.

At his clinic, Dr. Rubio and his employees believe that honesty is the best policy. They always tell the patients the true nature of their problem and the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed procedures. Dr. Rubio never recommends or authorizes a procedure the patient doesn’t need. In addition, he only uses the best materials in the market, which stand out in terms of quality. He advises patients to compare his materials with the materials that many other dentists use.

Dr. Rubio advises patients to pay special attention to deals that sound too good to be true. He explains:

“When you see ads saying things like ‘Teeth in a day,’ it may sound great but it’s just not true. After you pay, you’ll find out that it’ll take at least 5 days, and the job will be sub-par.”

As a result, Dr. Rubio operates his clinic with a different approach: honesty, realistic expectations, and the best staff and materials available. His clinic has everything it needs to compete with renowned clinics, like those in La Joya, Beverly Hills and Scottsdale.

Like most Mexicans, Dr. Rubio is a man of strong family values. He’s married and has four lovely children with whom he has shared his love for education. In his free time, he goes out with his family and plays basketball with his children.

Dr. Rubio is also a contributor to his community. He is a member of the Scott Ganz Center, where he and others teach basic dentistry to students who can’t afford their studies. The Center also gives free dental services to people who can’t afford it. While the Center provides the materials, people like Dr. Rubio contribute with their time and knowledge in order to make a difference for the community.

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