Orthodontics – Braces, Retainers

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that treats unaligned or “crooked” teeth.

The causes for crooked teeth can include uneven development of the jaw, irregular tooth growth, or trauma. Orthodontists sometimes treat unaligned teeth to fix biting issues, although most of the time, orthodontics is performed for aesthetic reasons.

Because orthodontics is typically performed in teenagers, many adults think they can’t benefit from it. However, adults can still get their teeth straightened. No need to worry now about becoming a metal mouth like days gone past. With the developments of modern dentistry, it is not the case anymore. Braces can now be fixed, semi-fixed, or removable. An orthodontist will evaluate your mouth and help you decide what the best device is for your specific needs. The most common devices are braces and retainers, although their size, material, and form can vary greatly.



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