Full Mouth Reconstruction / Smile Makeovers

Do you find yourself constantly hiding your smile because of the condition of your teeth? Looking for help can be a difficult task, especially when your problems are so severe that several extensive treatments could be required. Understanding the process might make it a less daunting task, inspiring you to take action a get that smile that you have always wanted and deserve.

When someone suspects that they need to undergo a full mouth reconstruction, the first step is to find a dentist who is fully qualified, experienced, and has a team a ready to address all the possible issues that you may have.

A full mouth reconstruction is not a single one-size-fits-all dental treatment – it is a custom combination of restorative and cosmetic treatments designed to address your individual needs.

The first step in any dental treatment, especially a full mouth reconstruction, is a comprehensive oral examination. Here your dentist establishes the current state of your teeth and gums to determine the exact treatments that will be needed. Then, your dentist should inform you of the major changes that are going to take place and the costs of the procedures. Below are some of the main considerations included within such a comprehensive dental examination:

Oral Exam and the condition of the teeth

First, your dentist will perform a full oral exam to determine the present condition of your teeth, gums and bone where your teeth are anchored. In regards to your teeth themselves, your dentist has a great number of procedures available to treat them. You might need dental fillings, dental crowns, veneers, bridges or even dental implants in case you have missing teeth.

If you have a dental abscess, your dentist may recommend a root canal treatment to be done by an Endodontist. In summary, a full mouth reconstruction has as its goal the restoring of your smile to a most natural and healthy condition possible. This includes fixing or replacing teeth as mentioned before or for crooked/misaligned teeth, you may need to go through orthodontic treatment first (wearing braces).

Treating gum disease issues

If you have gingivitis or other complications related to gum disease, your dentist may recommend your for some periodontal treatments such as a scaling or root planning to treat correctly any periodontal disease. Sometimes, your dentist may recommend a bone graft or soft tissue graft in order to restore a solid and healthy foundation for your teeth.

Some patients, with excessive gum tissue, may have that extra tissue removed to aesthetically enhance the smile. As you can see, a full mouth reconstruction not only focuses on reconstructing functionality, but also to reconstruct the aesthetics of the smile mouth.

TMJ Disorder & Occlusions

A very important consideration to having a healthy mouth is having a stable and proper bite. Having a proper bite means being able to open and close your mouth without problems or having that sensation of your jaw “locking” and being able to chew food without clicking or popping sounds.

What this means is that in a proper oral exam for a full mouth reconstruction, your dentist should always examine the health of your temporomandibular joint, your bite, and see if there are any occlusions present.

If you dentist finds any related issues, they could prescribe orthodontic treatments, a special bite reprogramming orthotic or the use of a night guard. Any occlusions need to be corrected before your dentist begins any other restorative dental treatments.

The symmetry

Your dentist will consider many other aesthetic factors during a full mouth reconstruction. These considerations include the color of your teeth (overall and in relation to the color of your skin), the size of your teeth and how it relates to your lips, the aesthetics of your smile and of your side profile as well as how your teeth look in correlation with your gums. The dentist will make sure that each portion is in a perfectly natural harmony with the rest of your face.

Lots of consideration and work goes into a full mouth reconstruction as well as potentially a lot of money and time. If you need of lots of dental work, its important for you to not only find a competent dental team, but a dentist that you trust and will explain to you everything that is needed and how it will help you achieve the smile that you have always wanted.



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