Root Canals in Mexico

Root canals are infamous for the pain they supposedly inflict on the patient. While that perception was true in the past, today’s techniques allow people to get root canals with little or no pain.

However, while there is little physical pain with a root canal… there is a great deal of financial pain. Getting a root canal is expensive. Prices vary greatly depending on your location and the reputation of the dentist, but expect to pay at least $600 for a standard root canal by the average dentist. If you want a particularly reputable dentist, or you happen to live in an expensive city, like New York or Chicago, the price for a root canal could go over $1,000.
Note that this cost may or may not include the filling.

In most cases, you will need a crown. The cost of the root canal doesn’t typically include a crown. A dental crown is an additional cost. A good crown could easily cost as much as the root canal.

The high price of root canals in the US and Canada has many people asking, “Is a root canal in Mexico a good option?” Mexico has become a very attractive location for international dental care. Since prices for dental care in Mexico are usually half or less than in the United States, a person who needs a root canal or other dental procedures (for example, dental implants, dental crowns, cosmetic dentistry etc.) will find that Mexico is a good option.

Los Algodones, located 10 miles west of Yuma, Arizona just across the border in Mexico, offers visitors many options for excellent, affordable dental care, easily combined with a relaxing visit to other popular tourism destinations in Baja California.

Understanding Root Canals

Many people outside the dentistry community are afraid of root canals, and thus they wait until they can’t take the pain anymore before going to see a dentist. By understanding what a root canal is and why it’s needed, it gets easier to decide to go to the dentist as soon as the need for a root canal is known.

A “root canal” is one of those terms that is used by patients but not by the dentists. Dentists call the procedure endodontic therapy. In order to understand what it is, the anatomy of the tooth has to be understood.

Dental Tools - Root Canals in Los Algodones, MexicoThere are three elements of a tooth. The outermost layer is the one we are most familiar with: the white exterior, called the enamel, which protects the tooth. Below it, there’s a hard layer that gives strength to the tooth, called the dentin. Lastly, under it, there’s the pulp, a collection of soft tissue that gives oxygen and nourishment to the tooth via blood vessels. The pulp is especially important because it feeds the tooth while it’s growing.

A root canal is needed in cases where the pulp has gotten an infection that has spread so deep that it reaches the very bottom of the root of the tooth and might cause its loss.

The procedure lasts about 30 minutes. It involves the injection of anesthesia near the site of the tooth. Once the anesthesia takes effect, the procedure is almost painless. Some dentists use a topical anesthesia to numb the site of the injection, to make the procedure nearly painless. However, because many people grew up with obsolete dental methods, they associate the sound of the drill with pain. Dentists today are committed to your comfort.

During the procedure, the dentist clears the cavity with a drill and then eliminates the pulp. An adult tooth can survive fine without the pulp. After that, the dentist disinfects the root canal and fills it. Finally, the top of the tooth is covered. When the opening has been quite substantial, a crown is needed. Recovery from the anesthesia takes a couple of hours.

If you need an affordable root canal, or you’d like to get more extensive dental care, for example, implants, dental veneers, teeth whitening or more, Los Algodones Dental Guide can help you. We offer you a list of highly qualified dentists and reputable clinics where you can get all your dental care at affordable prices. Nearly all dentists in Los Algodones speak English or have staff members who do. Please call one of our listed dental specialists to learn more about dental care in Los Algodones.



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