Bridges are one of the most common solutions in cases where teeth are missing. They consist of a structure with one or more artificial teeth that is anchored to the teeth to the side of the missing tooth. Bridges are typically used in cases where only one tooth is missing, although there are exceptions.

The only problem with dental bridges is their price, which can be very expensive in the US. However, just on the other side of the border, in Los Algodones Mexico, you can get high-quality bridges at affordable prices. The type of bridge you purchase will depend on your budget and needs. A dentist can help you decide which one you should get.

Types of Bridges


As it name implies, this is the most common type of bridge used. A traditional bridge is attached to the teeth on the sides of the missing tooth when one or more of these teeth need dental work. If both teeth are in good condition, an implant would be a better option.


Cantilever bridges are very similar to traditional bridges, except that they are attached to only one tooth on the side of the gap, typically because there’s no other tooth on the other side. When the structure needs stronger support, the bridge is attached to two teeth.

Bonded Bridge

Bonded bridges are also known as resin bonded bridges. They are typically used on front teeth. They require the side teeth to be healthy and without any dental structures. A resin mix is used to bond the teeth to a resin wing. The artificial tooth is then fused on the band. This method requires much less work on the side teeth and is very nice looking.


The bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth. The artificial tooth itself also has to be considered. A dentist will tell you what the best material is for your needs. Common materials are porcelain, zirconia, ceramic or porcelain fused to metal. All of these modern materials look and feel like natural teeth.

The Los Algodones Solution

A missing tooth disrupts the natural functions of chewing and speech. It also affects your smile and self-confidence. Most importantly, it may result in further tooth loss.
You don’t have to cover your smile or feel self-conscious when speaking in public anymore. Come to Los Algodones, where you can get the bridge that you need for a fraction of the price you’d pay north of the border. Located just below the border and only a few miles west of Yuma, Arizona, Los Algodones, Mexico is known as Mexico’s Dental City. Come and discover why hundreds of dentists have made Los Algodones their home.



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