All on Six System Implants in Los Algodones, Mexico

The most common cause of tooth loss is untreated periodontal disease, followed by accidents and aging. Once a tooth is lost, a person might find it hard to eat or speak normally.

Missing teeth have another disadvantage. They might make a person feel self-conscious and even have a poor self-image. A person with missing teeth might decide to stop smiling or laughing in front of others because of his or her appearance, especially if the missing teeth are at the front of the mouth.

Removable dentures, while a good fix in the past, are inconvenient.

It’s embarrassing to have to adjust your denture in front of others if it gets loose and needs to be put back into place, or worse, if you need to take it out completely. It also needs to be cleaned every night and put into water or a special liquid.

The Solution

Today, there is a better alternative, and one you can easily get at Los Algodones, Mexico: a fixed bridge with dental implants.

As its name implies, a fixed bridge doesn’t need to be taken out every night, and once it’s inserted, it doesn’t move from its place. Because it becomes part of your jaw, it’s much more stable than a denture. It also lasts longer because it’s more resistant to wear and tear. But perhaps its biggest benefit is that the implants on a fixed bridge, so it looks and feels just like natural teeth.

So, why doesn’t everyone get a fixed bridge or change their removable denture for a bridge? Because a fixed bridge can be very expensive in the United States. Don’t be surprised if you get quotations of tens of thousands of dollars, especially in big cities. High prices have forced many Americans to live with their old dentures and in some cases to go without any type of replacement apparatus.

Affordable All on Six Packages in Los Algodones

You don’t have to miss out on the best dental treatment for your mouth. Just south of the border, you can find a highly trained and competent dentist that can restore your smile. With our All on Six Packages, a fixed bridge is now cheaper than ever.

The package includes a fixed bridge with 6 dental implants. The material and sizes will vary according to your dental needs and budget. In any case, even the fixed bridges prepared with the most expensive materials cost a fraction of what they would cost in the United States. The affordability in Mexico makes it easier to transition from a removable denture to a bridge.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability in Los Algodones. Many dentists are top-notch professionals in their field, using the most modern equipment. Most dentists and their staff members, speak English, so language is not a barrier.

With a fixed bridge, you don’t have to take off your denture and clean it every night. You can now have functional teeth that are almost the same as natural teeth without going breaking the bank. Most importantly, you’ll regain your smile and your confidence. If this sounds like an attractive option, contact one the dentists found in Los Algodones Medical Guide and discuss the best options for your dental needs.

Monica Rix PaxsonMonica Rix Paxson is an award-winning author writing on topics related to science and medicine including the book “The English Speaker’s Guide to Dental Care in Mexico”.
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