All on Eight System with Fixed Porcelain Bridge

There are a few reasons why people lose their teeth. The main one is untreated gum disease. Trauma and wear by age are also factors. Because teeth are so important, they have to be restored in order to properly maintain the natural chewing and speech functions of the mouth.

Some people suffer from the loss of a large number of teeth. Missing teeth at the front of the mouth, in addition to the physical disadvantages, negatively affect a person’s appearance. A person with missing teeth may feel ashamed and reluctant to laugh or smile in front of others.

In the past, the best solution was to build a removable denture. This denture, while a good solution at the time, also has its disadvantages. The main one is that it doesn’t feel like a natural part of the mouth. It has to be taken out at night and cleaned daily. Sometimes, removable dentures may slip out of place and need to be realigned or pushed back into place. For some people, having to take their denture off in front of others can be mortifying.

The Alternative: Fixed Porcelain Bridges

A fixed bridge is generally a much more practical and permanent option than a removable denture. Unlike a denture, a bridge stays in the mouth all the time. It’s stable and doesn’t “wiggle” or get loose. Moreover, it feels much more natural and makes the patient feel more secure because it looks just like natural teeth.

The only disadvantage of a bridge over a removable denture is its cost. In the United States, a complete renovation of a row of teeth, especially in the front of the mouth, can reach the tens of thousands of dollars. In the best of cases, insurance policies will only cover part of the cost, leaving much of the financial burden to be paid by the patient. Because of the high cost of this dental work, many Americans settle for removable dentures, or worse, for no tooth replacement at all.

All on Eight Dental Solutions

In Los Algodones, Mexico, just south of Yuma, Arizona, a person can get his or her smile back at affordable prices. Moreover, many dentists in Los Algodones offer a solution that involves 8 dental implants on a bridge. The materials of the bridge vary depending on your budget and of the dental needs of each patient. However, the price is still lower than paying for each implant individually so you may be able to afford even the most resistant and durable materials.

Lower pricing doesn’t always mean reduced quality. Many dentists are trained in the most modern dental techniques, and they are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments. Many dentists in Los Algodones speak English fluently, so there’s no room for confusion or misunderstanding.

If you, like many, would like to get rid of the night ritual of removing and cleaning your dentures, improve your speaking, reduce problems when eating, and smile confidently, contact one of the many dentists you will find in the Los Algodones Dental Guide for a phone consultation.



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