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Leading Los Algodones Dental Group Launches Television Advertising Campaign to Attract US Patients.

January 27, 2014, Los Algodones, Mexico


Sani Dental

This surprising statistic leads the first line of a new television commercial educating American consumers about affordable dental care in Mexico. In the U.S, where more than 142 million citizens lack basic dental insurance, dental care is simply too expensive for the majority of Americans. A leading dental group in Mexico aims to offer dental services to Americans seeking affordable dental care.

In Yuma, Arizona, a city of 95,000 residents located on the border with Mexico, the average price for a porcelain dental crown is $936.35. The price for a single dental implant ranges from $1500.00 to $2200.00. Just 11 miles away in Los Algodones, Mexico, American patients are crossing the border to save 50% or more on these same dental procedures.
Sani Dental Group, the largest dental clinic in Los Algodones, has become a tourist destination for many Americans and Canadians seeking affordable dental care. While dental tourists travel from as far away as Canada and New York for low-cost dental procedures at Sani Dental Group, many potential patients in Arizona and California are unaware of the tremendous cost savings on dental care in Los Algodones.

Sani Dental Group has launched a new thirty second television commercial to educate people from Southern California and Arizona about the considerable cost savings available on dental procedures such as dental implants, crowns and bridges, and full mouth restorations. This television spot is also available to view on YouTube at:

“Patients routinely save 70% or more on dental work when compared to prices in the US and Canada,” says Victor Jimenez, Director of Sani Dental Group. “But we found that many residents in Yuma, Imperial Valley, El Centro, and San Diego were unaware of the huge cost savings just across the border.”

“We decided to develop a television commercial to communicate how easy and safe it is to cross the border into Los Algodones and save thousands of dollars on dental care,” says Alejandro Gutierrez, Marketing Director for Sani Dental Group. “Our television spot is a helpful reminder for those living in or visiting the Yuma area.
What makes choosing Sani Dental Group even more attractive is our current offer of free hotel accommodations at Hacienda Los Algodones ( with a minimum purchase. Patients in need of extensive dental work may stay in Los Algodones and rest comfortably in this hotel at no charge while receiving their dental care at one of our three locations,” says Alejandro Gutierrez.

Sani Dental Group is a member of the American Dental Association, and is the only dental clinic in Los Algodones to receive the seal of approval from the Medical Tourism Association. Sani Dental Group offers more than 30 dental specialists in three convenient locations in Los Algodones, and has given beautiful new smiles to more than 34,000 patients. Sani Dental Group was awarded a rating of 5 stars by international health services referral companies such as Dental Departures and What Clinic.

Visit Sani Dental Group at or call toll free at 1-855 SANI-DDS for more information about current promotions and pricing.

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