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Thanks in great part to increased dental hygiene and improved dental care, the cases of tooth decay have fallen in relation to the population. However, there are still patients that suffer from cavities even though they always brush their teeth. This might be because of other factors such as smoking, eating a lot of sugar, drinking carbonated drinks, an accident that breaks the tooth at a scale too small for the eye to see, etc. In these cases, regular visits to the dentist would find the damage and correct it, typically with a filling.

Unfortunately, many people go to the dentist only when they start to feel intense pain. Sadly, by then the tooth might be damaged enough that it needs a root canal and a significant amount of reconstruction. When reconstructing a damaged tooth, dentists frequently work with dental crowns. The properties of dental crowns also make them excellent solutions for cases when the whole tooth is completely lost, (although in those cases, a dental implant is also needed).

Modern dental crowns are much more advanced and varied than people think. For example, they can be made out of several materials that differ in strength, properties, and price. This gives patients and dentists several options. It is very easy to find a type of crown that will satisfy your needs. Perhaps the biggest difference in modern crowns is in their appearance. Today’s dental crowns are indistinguishable from natural teeth and therefore invisible to others. They only stand out in cases where the patient chooses to do so. For example, if the patient still wants a golden crown. In fact, there are crowns that can even be tattooed!. Crowns are also stronger than ever. Even the crowns at the lower priced end of the available range will allow a person to eat basically any type of food he or she wants. This also makes modern crowns more durable. The risk of a crown breaking is extremely low compared to crowns in the past. If you get a crown today, you can expect it to last for at least 20 years, if not for the remainder of your life. Still, you should get the best crown you can afford.

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