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How Feasible is it to Get Your Dental Care in Mexico?

Chances are that you’ve probably heard of medical tourism or dental tourism, the act of traveling for affordable medical or dental care.

For many Americans, Mexico is one of the best destinations for dental tourism. It’s location close to the United States makes it an ideal location for needed dental procedures at a fraction of the cost for the same services in the US.

One of the leading dental centers preferred by American and Canadian patients is Sani Dental Group, in Los Algodones, Mexico, just a few minutes south of Yuma, Arizona. Sani Dental Group offers trained and experienced dentists that are fluent in English. Prices for dental services are often 50% to 80% less than in the US and Canada. As one of the most recognized names in Mexico dental tourism, Sani Dental Group makes it easy to get your dental care in Mexico. In fact, if you live in southern California or Arizona, a short drive is all it takes to get connected to affordable dental care in Mexico.

Is There Quality Dental Care in Los Algodones?

One of the obvious concerns of American patients is the quality of the dental care they will get in Mexico. As attractive as the savings on dental care may be (usually 50% or more), most Americans are not interested in dental travel if it means sacrificing the quality of the dental care they receive.

Dr. Enrique Jimenez, Director of Dentistry at Sani Dental Group, has worked with tens of thousands of American and Canadian patients over the past 30 years. His experience compels him to hire only highly qualified dentists that offer the same quality of care as their American counterparts. He also mandates continuing education and training for his dentists to keep them updated on the latest dental techniques and developments.

“We strive for the highest standards in education for our staff, which has a direct, positive impact on our patients” says Jimenez. “It’s critical that our patients feel 100% confident in our ability to deliver the same care they would receive at home, so that they sacrifice nothing by choosing Sani Dental Group”.

Dr. Jimenez also understands that a different language can be challenging, and that’s why he makes sure his staff is fluent in English. This, in turn, eliminates errors or mistakes due to misunderstandings.

He is also committed to making travel to Sani Dental Group as easy as possible. “Sani Dental understands dental tourism and provides patients with a shuttle service from the nearest airports,” said Jimenez. “Patients can also find overnight accommodations at the ‘Hacienda Los Algodones,’ a comfortable small hotel in Los Algodones, owned by Sani Dental Group.”

Sani Dental Group is one of the largest dental clinics at Los Algodones, Mexico. Established in 1985, Sani Dental has grown from one dentist to more than 50 dentists and specialists treating thousands of patients every year.

For many Americans, especially those in need of extensive dental work, it’s nearly impossible to get the dental care they need at prices they can afford. If you need to save money on your dental care by taking advantage of lower prices in Mexico, Sani Dental Group is one of many high quality dental centers in Los Algodones. For a quote from a recommended dentist in Los Algodones, please fill in the form on the home page and a Los Algodones dentist will contact you to discuss your dental needs.

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