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When you think of braces, you usually think of teenagers. In fact, you might not think of today’s teenagers, but teenagers in the 90s, with funny hairstyles and highly visible metallic braces that reflected light like mirrors.

But today’s braces are different from the braces of two decades ago. While there are a number of changes, perhaps the most significant are that today’s braces are much more discreet, and that they are used by adults as frequently as teenagers.

Braces are the primary tools used in dentistry for treating malocclusions, (the medical term for misaligned teeth or jaws). Malocclusions can cause problems with chewing. They also allow food particles to remain between spaces or niches between teeth. Psychologically, they cause people to be self-conscious about their smiles, which in turn may cause them to be embarrassed when they smile, laugh, or speak in public.

In today’s world, image and self-esteem have acquired more importance than they had in the past. This and the increased effectiveness of today’s braces have caused an increase in the number of adults who choose to wear braces to straighten their teeth. Moreover, today’s braces actually require less time to fix malocclusions than braces did in the past.

Braces are also much more discreet than in the past. In some cases, with invisible aligners for example, they can be removed easily for cleaning or resting. Braces today are also smaller in size, so they won’t push your lips forward and alter your facial appearance.

Braces can only be applied to healthy teeth. Therefore, if any of your teeth require treatment, the treatment has to be performed before the braces can be applied. In most cases, this involves dealing with fractures, cracks, and infections, which are typically repaired with fillings, crowns, or root canals. If there is plaque, it will have to be removed too. For some adults, it is recommended that wisdom teeth be removed before starting with the braces.

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